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DevSys, a design house of open, scalable, high capability embedded systems, provides board-level computer platforms and services for the embedded market. The processor-independent company, along with its key technology providers, helps its customers develop mission-critical applications based on ARM, PIC, PowerPC, 68K and 8051 technologies, enabling them to gain market leadership in fast-moving segments.

The Company

DevSys Embedded Technologies is a startup company, found by talented professionals with high experience in technology and management, who have successfully led and executed software development for various projects and products. The core team has expertise in complete product development life cycle along with Quality Assurance and Deployment - in the area of Embedded Systems, Middleware, Protocol Engineering, Networking, Digital Signal Processing, Industrial Electronics, Digital media, Web Technologies and Application development for Mobile networks.


To emerge as a leader in developing innovative products and end-to-end solutions, for next generation embedded technologies and strives for an operational excellence.


To be instrumental in delivering,The superior quality,reliable and cost effective solutions.Enhanced values to all customers & partners.

Awesome Solutions

The technology landscape is an ever changing and a developing one, with new technologies being developed every day. Today, technological innovation has brought about rapid changes in the domain of embedded software development landscape. Innovative and sophisticated features have been increasingly used to build small hardware and intricate software designs. Our team of embedded software developers help in set up embedded applications that reside on software layers and are completely hardware dependent, i.e. middle-ware and device software, for instance, firmware and drivers.

What we offer

Embedded Software

Automotive Consumer Electronics Networking: Wired, Wireless Industrial Appliances

Device Driver

Ethernet, USB

Advanced Web Apps

PHP, Python or Ruby on Rails

Software Prototyping

If you are working on a cutting-edge novelty, be it a device or an application, or improve UX, going first with a proof-of-concept (POC) is a smart idea and a budget-safe move.

UI and Front-end Development

Pen, Paper
Photoshop CC, Invision

Maintenance and Support

SLA-based maintenance and support Corrective & Preventive maintenance Mission Critical Suppor


DevSys is delighted to work with some of the most recognised and respected companies. Their values and level of performance are a perfect match for the team.

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